Top Ten Asian Jungle And Rainforest Destinations

Top Ten Asian Jungle And Rainforest Destinations

Some of the most beautiful rainforest and jungle landscape and wildlife are within the borders of the vast continent of Asia. Before you plan your next excursion, read this article featuring the top 10 jungles & rainforests in Asia.

Sri Lanka

Sinharaja Forest in Sabaragamuwa, Sri Lanka is the last lowlands wet forest and is found south of the Central Mountains. It is known for it’s rich bird life and remarkable remnant rainforest.


Mount Kinabalu National Park in Sabah, Malaysia is home to the Poring Hot Springs, towering trees, and some of the most diverse wildlife in the world. You can find the world’s largest flower here, the Rafflesias.


Periyar Tiger Reserve boasts a high elevation and semi-evergreen rainforest terrain. Tigers, sambur, elephants, bison, and many other wildlife surround the beautiful lake that is in the heart of this wonderful rainforest.

Khao Saok National Park

Khao Saok National Park contains the world’s oldest evergreen rainforest, which grows out of the limestone mountains. There are many deep valleys and narrow lakes, with wildlife including mouse deer, banteng, porcupine, marbled cat, gibbons, wild boar, and much more. You can even take an elephant safari to make your way through this outstanding rainforest terrain.


When you make your way through the Cuc Phuong National Park in Vietnam, you will immediately notice that people are living off of this land. Much of it is undisturbed because of the mountainous terrain, but you can enjoy some majestic bird watching, hiking, and outstanding night trips. It is definitely a unique experience and a must see.


Visit the Sundarbans, which is the largest halophytic mangrove forest in the world. Most of this rainforest is in Bangladesh, with the rest of it residing in India. The natural diversity here is simply majestic, and the rainforest surrounds the Bay of Bengal.


The Mamberamo Basin and the Gunung Leuser National Park are both in Indonesia, and these two jungles are a must see as well. Also, other attractions and accommodations in Indonesia can be found through Expedia. The Namdapha National Park in India and the Lambir Hills National Park in Malaysia are two more visits you also need to make. Your options are limitless, and the landscape is beautiful and majestic.

Featuring the top 10 jungles & rainforests in Asia, this article has provided you with some wonderful ideas for your next destination. You can’t go wrong with any of these choices, so you might as well just start making your way down the list. For your own sake, start searching for the best holiday package deals now! Enjoy your travels!