The Jungles and Rainforests of South Africa

The Jungles and Rainforests of South Africa

South Africa

Visiting the jungles and rainforests of South Africa leaves one gaping at its incredible biodiversity and beauty. The nature of the jungles and rainforests on offer range from flooded forests to high cloud forests and from mangrove swamps to quiver tree forests, all complete with its unique flora and fauna.

The densest of the South African rainforests are the ones at the southern and eastern coastal provinces of KwaZulu-Natal, Western Cape and Eastern Cape. The many valleys and gorges of the mighty mountain ranges in the region have scores of other small jungles as well and each of them is a biodiversity hotspot in its own right.

The temperate rainforests of Knysna-Amatole forests, located between Cape Town and Durban on the south-facing slopes of the Drakensberg Mountains, is renowned for the exclusive coniferous podocarps.

The classic evergreen Modjadji Cycad Forest at Limpopo province is linked to the mythical culture of the rain queen Modjadji and the BaLobedu, her people. The oldest cycads in the world grow here.

The Tsitsikamma Forest, known as the “place of clear water” is a rare and exotic coastal rainforest. The rocky coastline, the spectacular ravines, the deep river gorges and the many secluded valleys offers plenty of attractions. The area is covered in mountain Fynbos and spot many beautiful flowers. Many species of sea birds also lend exclusivity to the place.

The Grootvadersbosch near Swellendam is renowned for its rare fynbos vegetation and massive trees. A walking trail that winds around the huge trees provides a rich and unique experience.

Dlinza Forest in KwaZulu-Natal has a rich collection of wild birdlife. An aerial boardwalk provides canopy-level access to exotic sights.

The Ndumo Game Reserve is a rare fever forest complete with beautiful pans, extensive wetlands, yellow fever trees, acacia savannah and sand forests. The lush game reserved is renowned for its spectacular bird life and hosts some 430 species.

The Mkhuze Fig Forest, pasrt of the Mkhuze Game Reserve is a World Heritage site. The area is famous for its diverse natural habitats including wide expanses of acacia savannah, wetland swamps, woodland and riverine forests and a sand forest. The rich birdlife and massive sycamore fig trees are special attractions.

The rugged Eastern Cape with its gorges and ravines are home to innumerable small jungles. Each jungle has its own endemic plant and animal species and offers unique eco-tourism experience for the visitor.

Visiting the jungles and rainforests of South Africa offers a unique experience and ranks amongst the best eco-travel experience in the world.