The Jungles and rainforests in Malaysia

The Jungles and rainforests in Malaysia

Malaysia enjoys undisputed recognition as the land of rare kinds of fauna and flora which have been protected by its rich jungles and rainforests. This has eventually transformed Malaysia into one of the eminent tourist destinations around the globe and presents an opportunity to feel the uniqueness of rare flora and fauna around the globe.

The Jungles & rainforests in Malaysia act as the backbone of Malay’s tourism sector. By good luck, the thick canopy rainforests along with strict government’s conservation measures have ensured that Malay’s jungles and rainforests remain as virgin as they were a couple of million years ago. For that reason, a visit to Malaysia unfolds the ancient nature that many places have lost.

Outlined below are the major jungles and rainforests that act as great fascinating sceneries in Malaysia:

Taman Negara Rain Forest –

Taman is the oldest rainforest on earth being dated back to 130 million years ago. The forest harbors unique flora and fauna such as Malayan Tapirs, wild boar, sun bears, wild ox and many more uncommon animals around the globe. The forest is well fed by Tembeling River which quenches the thick forest and its fauna.

Sarawak Tropical Rain Forest –

Sarawak is an extensive estate of thick tropical rainforest that covers about two thirds of the entire state.

The jungle which is subdivided into other smaller rainforest sections harbors about 2000 rare and amazing species such as carnivorous hornbills and proboscis monkeys.

Pristine Tropical Rainforest –

Covering an area of 800 square kilometers, pristine hosts Eadau-Rompin National Park which is the second largest national forest in Malaysia.

The jungle boosts to be the home of the rare Sumatran rhinos along with other Malay’s unique flora and fauna species. The forest also enjoys fantastic landscape from sandstone plateau and Buaya Sangkut waterfalls.
Even though rainforests significantly hinder exploration of such areas, there are various sites which act as entry points to the deep forests. In addition, some forests such as Taman Negara and Sarawak have hanging bridges which make travelling deep into the virgin forests quite easy and fascinating.

photo by: Lip Kee