Rainforests & Jungles in Australia

Rainforests & Jungles in Australia

The Land Down Under

The rainforests or jungles are the precious habitats on our planet. These are characterized by their pristine beauty untouched by human intervention. These rich natural heritages must be protected from degradation like other eco-systems from human transgression disturbing the fragile balance of flora and fauna. The rainforests / jungles in Australia are among the best of remaining pure eco-systems in the world. A visit to these will make you realize the importance of preserving their untouched habitats.

The Daintree forests in Queensland, Goolengook Valley in Victoria, The Mersey River Forests in Tasmania, The Franklin and River Gordon Forests in Tasmania and Atherton Tablelands in Queenland are among the best rainforests / jungles in Australia. The Daintree rain forests have evolved over 135 million years and are home to large range of animals and plant species. The scene of merger of tropical forests, dazzling beaches meeting coral reefs is spectacular.Franklin and Gordon River jungles offers you cleanest air and diverse wild life and you can enjoy the adventure rafting trip down Franklin river. The Mersey river forests is home to tall waterfalls and offers a true experience of real forest.

The ideal way to visit these places is joining an organized tour offered by experienced operators arranging tours worldwide. Some forests are safe to visit while others present you with very inhospitable conditions requiring expert assistance to help you to visit them safely.

Due to the encroachment of human civilization most of the eco-systems are endangered. A trip to these rainforests / jungles in Australia will enable you to study and understand the fragility of these habitats of rare species of flora and fauna and realize the challenge facing us to protect these.

Besides, the rainforests / jungles in Australia offer you an unforgettable experience of your life time. The visit to these virgin forests untouched by civilizations is a thrilling adventure of your life time!