Rainforests & Jungles in Indonesia

Rainforests & Jungles in Indonesia


Even though the jungles in Indonesia are not as wild as they were in the days of the Borneo headhunters, the country still offers many options for those seeking thrills. There is much natural diversity in the more than 17,000 islands of Indonesia and the area is covered with different vegetation and landscapes.

Visitors can choose to trek in the mountains and jungles or climb to the peaks of various mountains such as the Trikora Mountain among others. By visiting the jungles in Indonesia, you will enjoy the countryís scenic beauty and its rich biodiversity. Most visitors treks through the dense rainforests in Indonesia and they usually use the services of experienced guides.

Trekking in the jungles ranges from soft treks to those that are more challenging. Only experienced trekkers should take part in challenging treks. One jungle that is frequently visited by people in Indonesia is the Mount Batukaru nature reserve, which offers visitors the opportunity to trek through tropical rainforests. The other attraction in the jungles of Indonesia is Mount Bromo, which is an Indonesian volcano that sees the greatest numbers of visitors.

The islands of Sumatra, Kalimantan and Irian Jaya also offer terrains for trekking in the jungle. The most beautiful trails of trekking through the jungle in Indonesia include trips to the Bukit Barisan national Park, which is a beautiful and remote peninsula in Sumatra. The route leads through tropical rainforest into a beach that is a turtle habitat.

If you want to have the opportunity to see animals, birds and other exotic creatures in Indonesia, you can choose to take a trip through the virgin jungles and hills of Ujungkulon National Park, which is located in the southern coastal region of Java Islandís western tip. The other jungles in Indonesia are located in the Kalimatan region.

You could also choose to visit the famous rainforest study areas of Cam Leaky in Kalimantan and Tanjing Putting National Park. You cannot forget the experience of trekking through the rainforests in Indonesia, which are full of exotic plants and animals.