Jungles & Rainforests in Vietnam

Jungles & Rainforests in Vietnam


Jungles & rainforests in Vietnam are recognized as around 70 million years old and sit at second position on the world map along with Amazon rainforests. The stats show that rainforests in this Southeast Asian country are the fastest disappearing jungles on Earth, as of 2010. Though the country has humid and warm weather mainly in every month, but still this asset is quickly becoming obsolete. The forests cover not more than 20% land area of Vietnam.

Rainforests in Vietnam faced a staggering loss to its primary forests between 1990 and 2005, which was around 78 percent. It was among highest forest losses in the world history. But today, the deforestation has lost its pace and has fallen by 18 percent on yearly basis. Commercial agriculture along with fuel-wood collection and other subsistence activities became the main reason behind forest clearing in Vietnam. The local government initiated a massive reforestation promotional program in 1986 that stemmed forest loss significantly.

Vietnam has cited a huge growth in area covered by plantations as it has reached to 2.7 million hectares from 967,000 hectares since 1990. Rainforests in Vietnam have a serious threat in shape of mining, next to agricultural fires that generally spread to protected forest areas. Vietnam is recognized among top 25 countries that have uniquely higher level of species diversity. This Southeast Asian country is the home to almost 16% known species to the world. The researchers have recorded around 15,986 species of flora in Vietnam.

10% of these known species in Vietnam are endemic. Fauna species in Vietnam include 840 birds, 310 mammals, 120 amphibians, 260 reptiles, 7,750 insects, 113 springtails, 145 acarina, 200 oligochaeta and 307 nematode species. Nearly 78 mammals and 100 bird species are considered as endemic in Jungles & rainforests in Vietnam. The rainforests in Vietnam gets average annual rain around 79 inches and temperature doesn’t change much all year. The country has two monsoon seasons every year that bring relative higher temperature. The rain often starts in the afternoon during monsoon seasons.

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