Jungles & Rainforests in United States

Jungles & Rainforests in United States

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Jungles & rainforests in United States are considered as largest temperate rainforest on the Earth. These rainforests starts from Prince William Sound in Alaska and reach through Northern California to the British Columbia Coast. These temperate jungles are also recognized as part of Nearctic ecozone. The different between temperate rainforests and tropical rainforests is, temperate rainforests have an average annual rainfall of 100 inches, while tropical rainforests have minimum 200 inches. Therefore rainforests in United States are temperate, since they receive around 120 inches rainfall per year.

Rainforests in United States are known for a moderate temperature through the year, both in winter and summer seasons which stays between 10 and 24 degree centigrade. Three tallest species of trees are the habitats of these temperate jungles in the region. Mosses and epiphytes grow densely and are seen covering the trees. Rainforests in United States are also considered the home to lush vegetation as it is widely available everywhere. Bigleaf maple, notable hardwood tree type, is also common here along with the Alder.

These hardwood trees are vital to the regionís ecosystem because of their ability of fixing nitrogen. Jungles & rainforests in United States (in the eastern side) are limited to southern Appalachian Mountains. The largest area in this eastern side of the country is located in far eastern Tennessee, northern Georgia and western North Carolina. However, a substantial rainfall is also received by temperate rainforests in Great Smoky Mountains i.e. around 2000 mm per year.

The temperate rainforests in United States have herbivorous in large quantity and variety, getting feed from eating fruits, seeds and plants, and in return, become food to many other relatively bigger animals. These herbivorous may include rodents, squirrels, chipmunks, elk, sitka deer and rabbits. These jungles also have a large variety of beautiful birds and insects. Sitka Spruce, Douglas Fir, Indian Paintbrush, Banana Slugs and Puma trees are most common tree species in the jungles & rainforests in United States.