Jungles & Rainforests in Nigeria

Jungles & Rainforests in Nigeria


Jungles & rainforests in Nigeria do not cover a large area as the country has forest reserves only on 0.3% of its total land area which becomes only 267,000 hectares. The country does not possess any primary forest reserve on its land. The people of Nigeria own around 2.5% of their overall forest reserves, while the remaining part i.e. 97.5% is managed by the government. Nigeria didn’t take any step towards plantation ever in the history. All of the forest reserves are natural.


IUCN red list stats have confirmed that the jungles & rainforests in Nigeria have around 52 native tree species. As per the stats of year 2000 to 2005, Nigeria faced an annual change in already very small forest reserves of the country of 3.4% or 10,000 hectares. Overall change in deforestation rate of Nigeria since 1990 has been noted as 33.6%. This African country has faced a significant forest loss since 1990. The stats show that 35.7% forest reserve of Nigeria has vanished from the map since 1990 only due to deforestation which becomes 148,000 hectares.


Nigeria is recognized among worst countries in the world for environment category. The country is also listed / categorized among those countries where deforestation rate is relatively much higher. The stats show that the Niger River delta of the country is recognized as home to rich oil deposits, mangrove forest and coastal rainforest. The jungles and rainforests in Nigeria have serious threats of deforestation and the country has significantly higher forest loss rate in the world which is 3.3 percent. More or less 6.1 million hectares area of Nigeria’s forest reserves have vanished since 1990 only due to rapid deforestation.


The stats show that jungles & rainforests in Nigeria have been losing around 11% of their precious jungle reserves every year. Despite of environmental degradation of the country, Nigeria is famous being a home to chimpanzees, elephants, baboons and gorillas. Nigerian jungles and rainforests have 274 mammal species, 899 bird species, 4,175 higher plant species, 53 amphibian species and 154 reptile species.

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