Hawaii: The Perfect Eco-destination of Choice

Hawaii: The Perfect Eco-destination of Choice

Go Green Hawaiian Islands

With its diverse natural landscape, a wealth of oceanic surroundings, extensive coastline and public beaches Hawaii has grown to be a popular eco-destination for eco-tourists around the globe. The magical islands’ warm tropical climate, natural forests, a deep wealth of biodiversity and the pristine nature of its environment has endeared Hawaii to touring biologists, conservation scientists, environmental researchers and other nature lovers.

Historical Sites

There are numerous historical sites including caves and native shrines offering the eco-tourist a taste of what the island looked like in the past. For excavators and archeologists, the island’s numerous caves, sand dunes and lava tubes are treasure spots with ancient fossils of plants and birds estimated to be thousands of years old. Hawaii’s three historical parks namely Kaloko-Honokahau, Pu’uhonua o Honaunau and Kalaupapa national historical parks offer a great learning expedition to conservationists, environmentalists and other eco-touring groups.

A visit to the idyllic island that is Hawaii would reveal Mauna Kea, island’s tallest mountain which rises from the Pacific Ocean floor. Found to have been formed from past volcanic activity, this amazing eco-destination has active volcanic mountains and sites.

Hawaii’s Flora and Fauna

The archipelago is home to a wide variety of endemic species. The vast collection of flora and fauna only found within the island has experienced threats from extinction with most species being endangered. For this reason, many eco-tourists visit Hawaii with the intention conducting research and raising funds to save the archipelago’s unique array of plant and animal species. However, the island is still home to thousands of fascinating endemic species of birds, fish, amphibians, plants and animals in conservational parks, which give this beautiful eco-destination its enchanting allure.

Hawaii’s rich tropical rainforests are a beauty to behold, with tall, rich and lush canopies awash with diverse plant and animals species. Any tourist to this magnificent eco-destination would love to visit Kauais Alka wilderness preserve and mount waialeale forests.

It’s People

With an estimated population of over 1.3 Million people, Hawaii is mainly made up of Polynesians and multi-racial Americans, and native Hawaiians tribes. With its rich blend native cultures and local languages, this eco-destination is a perfect destination for eco-tourist interested with interactions with local communities for economic development and political empowerment and similar project.

Interesting coastal areas to visit include Kohala, Maui shores, Mauna lani bay, O’ahu shores and Napali coast. Without a shadow of doubt, Hawaii is a rich eco-destination offering a multiplicity of interest areas. Furthermore, Hawaii is awash with beautiful and comfy eco-resort hotels.