Fun Rainforest Facts For Kids

Fun Rainforest Facts For Kids

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Rainforests are extremely important to our planet, but do you know why? Have you ever wanted to know which animals call the rainforest home, or even how many different types of plants and animalsyou can find there? Here are just a few fun rainforest facts for kids (and grown ups too)!

-Rainforests cover approximately 1.4 billion acres of the earth.

-There are rainforests in countries around the world including Asia, Australia, South America, and Africa.

-The Amazon rainforest is home to about 10% of the planet’s species of animals. Some well known rainforest residents include orangutans, lemurs, bats, parrots, anacondas, and pythons.

-There are around 2.5 million different types of insects living in rainforests.

-Tens of thousands of different species of plants are believed to grow in rainforests, and some of these could be used as cures for diseases.

-Scientists believe that there could be thousands of as yet undiscovered species of plants, animals and insects living in rainforests around the world.

-Rainforests get their name from the large amount of rain that falls there. It can rain from anywhere from 60 to 400 inches each year there.

-It is always warm in rainforests, with temperatures ranging from around 68 degrees to above 90 degrees, but it is never as hot as desert temperatures there.

-Rainforests act like a sponge, storing water in the soil and atmosphere.

-It is believed that the Amazonian rainforest alone holds over half the earth’s rainwater.

-Humans have destroyed millions of acres of rainforests through burning and deforestation, possibly causing many species of animals and plants to become extinct.

-Every second, approximately two acres of rainforest is destroyed around the world.

-Since realizing the value of the earth’s rainforests, many people have worked very hard to preserve and protect the plants and animals that live there.

-Everyone can help save the rainforests by recycling, reducing waste, and educating themselves and others about how important rainforests are to the world!

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