A Wild Jungle Adventure

A Wild Jungle Adventure


Jungle adventures are those that allow you to experience nature untouched. There are few true jungles left in the world where a human can find himself alone, with only a guide and nature to keep him company. Dominica is one of those rare places where this can be accomplished.

Dominica is known for being one of the largest areas of untouched jungle in the world. The Amazon, it’s cousin is also extensive, but has met with many disturbances and deforestation in the last ten years. Dominica is protected, virgin, pristine. It is a place where you will most certainly need an experienced guide to take you on an eco tour of the finest a rainforest has to offer.

Only in Dominica can you walk for a day and never see another human being. You can let your inner naturalist bloom as you see some of the most vibrant Amazon species in the world, which are still endangered. The Imperial Amazon with its purple, green, red and blue hues graces this jungle island and if you are lucky you will run into one. There are also scores of butterflies that are native to the island. Dominica will allow a bushwhacker to encounter nearly 50 species of these creatures. This makes for a very beautiful jungle adventure.

Perhaps you can hear the whistle of the Dominican Whistling frog when you camp at night under the canopy and dark of the rainforest. Although many of the amphibians in the Carribean have been blighted by a rare fungus, Dominica has managed to preserve many species. The poisionous, but brightly colored frogs can be seen hopping up the trees as they rush about their daily business.

If you want a unique jungle adventure that thrills you then make sure you stop by the Boiling Lake. This rainforest sits on an active volcanic site. The lake consistently maintains a temperature of over 150 degrees Fahrenheit and can make your experience as hot as it comes!