3 Best Jungle Tours in Vietnam

3 Best Jungle Tours in Vietnam

When many people visit the country of Vietnam, they often come for the famous cuisine or to sail Ha Long Bay, a site that has been named as one of the seven new natural wonders of the world.  Other visitors come to visit the relics and museums from the Vietnam-American war.  One of Vietnam’s most spectacular features is often overlooked.  Vietnam has lush jungles filled with rich diversity of flora and fauna.  A jungle tour can be an affordable and safe way to explore Vietnam’s jungles. Three of the best jungle tours are the Cuc Phong Tough Trek plus Van Long two day tour offered by Footprint Vietnam Travel, the Da Lat Vietnam Jungle Trekking two day tour offered by Hiking Vietnam, and the Jewels of the Vietnamese Jungle tour by Educational Travel Center.

Footprint Vietnam Travel

Footprint Vietnam Travel specializes in ecologically friendly travel on your Vietnam holidays.  This agency is licensed in Vietnam and is recommended by National Geographic in the book “Journeys of a Lifetime”.  The company’s Cuc Phuong Tough Trek plus Van Long two day tour is one of several options available for jungle tours with Footprint.  Day one of the tour involves hiking through Phuong National Park and visiting the park’s rescue center.  Following this visit, an 18 kilometer hike is taken through the rain forests, ending in a Muong minority village.  Visitors will stay overnight in homes of the ethnic minority village’s residents.

Day two of the tour involves transferring from the Muong village to the Van Long nature reserve.  At the nature reserve, visitors will take rowboats down a stream adjacent to rice paddies, jungles, and limestone caves.  This memorable vacation combines hiking and boating with the charm of Vietnamese culture and the beauty of the country’s rainforests and jungles.

Hiking Vietnam

For visitors looking for a longer jungle adventure, Hiking Vietnam offers a four-day tour through the jungles of Da Lat, Vietnam.  Day one of the tour involves exploring Vietnam’s largest and most beautiful waterfall, Pongua Waterfall.  Large trees as well as a sampling of the area’s flora and fauna surround the waterfall.

Day two of the tour begins at Pinhatt Mountain Trailhead.  One of the highlights of this hiking trail are the elephants that are native to the area and live at the lake.  Hikers will trek through forests and up the Pinhatt Mountain.  Days three and four of the tour brings the traveler through the thick jungle, where hikers can take in the beauty of the spectacular jungle.  Hikers will also see minority farms, including the famous Chicken Village.

Educational Travel Center

Educational Travel Center offers a lengthy nine-day tour known as the Jewels of the Vietnamese Jungle tour.  This tour is perfect for nature lovers and adventurers who have two weeks to spend on a trip.  The tour begins with trips to a marble carving village, China Beach, and the Cham Museum.  Travelers will also see Danang, My Son, Hoi An, and Hue prior to reaching the jungle.  In Hue, visitors will see the Forbidden City and Imperial Citadel, as well as partaking in Hue’s unique cuisine.

In the jungle, the traveler will begin a lengthy and exhilarating trek through Central Vietnam’s beautiful rainforest.  During the hike, a wide variety of trees, plants and animals can be seen.  The jungle tour also involves camping in the jungle, kayaking at an adjacent lake, and white water rafting on the river for an adventure that will provide a lifetime of memories.